Construction of a factory that will pump water from Lake Baikal is coming to an end


    Just look at the marauding way that Lake Baikal is being tortured. Kultuk village is the place where the water-pumping factory construction is coming to an end. This factory will deliver water from the lake to China. The factory is built by OOO Aquasib, a company that is 99% owned by the Chinese and 1% by a Russian national Olesia Mulchak, who happens to be the director of this company. Olesia Mulchak and her husband, a Chinese national Soon Cheon Joon were defendant in the case of organizing a massive illegal traffic of Siberian wood to China.

    The loss incurred by the state from illegal traffic of solid wood and wood products exceeded 2 billion rubles. In 2013, the police had conducted a large-scale operation across three regions (the Leningrad region, the Novosibirsk region and the Irkutsk region) in order to capture Olesia Mulchak, Soon Cheon Joon and their crime associates. 50 offices of different companies were searched; more than 100 witnesses were questioned; 34 suspects were detained. The operation involved 300 policemen. Olesia Mulchak had managed to escape a harsh sentence (with such financial capacity at hand, the goal was more than attainable). Other members of the criminal group, including Mulchak’s husband, were given a prison term and had to spend 5 years in a convict colony. The sentence turned out to be lenient. The prosecution insisted that the nature of the crime had to be determined as “ large-scale illegal traffic of strategically important natural resources” by an organized criminal group. But the court qualified it as a theft.

    And now these people have set out to pump water from the lake that is our national wealth. The productive capacity of the factory is 500,000 liters per day! It means 1,000,000 half-liter bottles per day!

    It is worth noting that under the nature conservation laws any construction at the sites is strictly prohibited for the local residents, while OOO Aquasib is digging Lake Baikal bed.



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